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Luxury Living in Uttarakhand: A Glimpse into Cannaught Infra’s Township in Bigbara, Rudrapur

In the picturesque city of Rudrapur, Cannaught Infra introduces an exceptional residential township that seamlessly blends luxury living with the beauty of nature. Let’s take a brief journey to explore the essence of this extraordinary project.

Location Advantage:
Cannaught Infra’s Rudrapur Township is strategically positioned just 1.5 km from the National Highway, offering residents both convenience and serenity. The thoughtfully chosen location ensures easy access to major destinations while providing a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Proximity to Essentials:
Residents of this exclusive township enjoy proximity to key facilities. Renowned healthcare institutions like Medicity Hospital, Gautam Hospital, and Cheema Hospital & Trauma Centre are within easy reach, ensuring residents’ well-being is well taken care of.

Educational Excellence:
For families, the township is surrounded by esteemed educational institutions such as D.PS School, The Oxford Academy, and Path Seeker International School. This ensures that quality education is right around the corner.

Recreational Oasis:
Cannaught Infra understands the importance of recreation, and the Rudrapur Township reflects this with thoughtfully designed parks. These green spaces are equipped with features like an amphitheater, stage, gazebo, totlot zone, waterfall, and elder sitting areas – offering residents a perfect blend of nature and leisure.

Exclusive Villas and Gated Community:
At the heart of the township are exclusive villas, each crafted to redefine modern living. The gated community provides a secure environment, and features like STP plants, cemented roads, parks, and a temple add to the charm, ensuring a lifestyle that goes beyond the ordinary.

Amenities for all:
Residents have access to an exclusive club house, a haven of leisure and recreation. With a swimming pool, gym, indoor games area, kids play zone, and even a supermarket, this township has world class amenities taking care of all age groups.

Security Beyond Standard:
Cannaught Infra prioritizes security, employing measures like boom barricading with Fastag for streamlined access. Vendors are provided with access cards and GPS tracking, ensuring a well- monitored environment.

Cannaught Infra’s Rudrapur Township is not just a residential project; it’s an embodiment of luxury living amidst nature’s beauty. Whether it’s the strategic location, proximity to essentials, exclusive villas, or world-class amenities, this township is designed to offer a lifestyle that is both enriching and fulfilling.

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