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Meet the leaders behind our vision

Our Team

Executive Chairman

Tanveer Singh Virk

Mr. Tanveer Singh Virk brings a wealth of experience in construction and real estate development to his role as Executive Chairman of Cannaught Infra. He spearheads the company’s strategic vision and guides its journey towards achieving established goals.

Under his leadership, Mr. Virk ensures smooth operation across all departments, emphasizing timely product delivery, flawless project execution, and exceptional quality standards. He champions the adoption of new technologies and streamlined processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

Managing Director

Anant Singh Virk

Mr. Anant Singh Virk, Managing Director at Cannaught Infra, leverages his experience in real estate, consulting, and technology to drive the company forward. His deep understanding of the company’s culture, people, and processes allows him to excel in both strategic and operational roles. He actively leads all facets of Cannaught Infra’s business across India, ensuring the company’s continued success.

Head of Legal & Land Affairs

Gurvinder Singh Khair (Manmeet Khara)

Mr. Gurvinder Singh Khair, also known as Manmeet Khair, serves as the Head of Legal & Land Affairs at Cannaught Infratech. In this capacity, he oversees land acquisition, legal matters, and liaisoning for projects in Rudrapur. With a deep understanding of the real estate sector, Mr. Khair’s role extends beyond legal responsibilities. As a seasoned commercial manager, he actively engages in various commercial activities, gaining invaluable insights into the legal aspects of real estate. His multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment make him a valuable asset to the company.

Head of Design & Engineering and Architecture

Kanwardeep Singh

With a passion for creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and commercially successful built environments, Mr. Deep leads a team of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, structural and MEP engineers, as well as environmental and fire safety engineering professionals. Together, they utilize cutting-edge technology to bring designs to life through computer-generated 3D images and miniature models. Regarded as one of the leading architectural design consultants in Rudrapur, Mr. Deep’s expertise is instrumental in shaping our projects. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in travel and the arts.

Sales Manager

Vikas Sharma

Mr. Vikas Sharma, serving as the Sales Manager, brings a wealth of experience in real estate, consulting, and technology to the table. With a blend of strategic acumen and operational proficiency, he is aptly positioned for a leadership role. Mr. Sharma’s hands-on approach and comprehensive involvement in all aspects of the company’s operations in India over the past year underscore his capability to effectively oversee and drive the company forward. His diverse skill set and proactive engagement are invaluable assets for steering the company towards success.


Satish Joshi

With experience spanning real estate, consulting, and technology, along with strategic and operational expertise, Satish brings the requisite skills for effective CRM implementation. Given Mr. Joshi’s deep familiarity with the company’s culture, personnel, and workflows, he could play a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating CRM solutions into the organization. His hands-on involvement in various aspects of the business in India over the past year underscores his proactive approach, which is instrumental in overseeing and optimizing CRM processes.

Civil Manager

Shailesh Dwivedi

Actively engaged across all facets of the business in India over the past year, particularly in key markets, Mr. Dwivedi is well-prepared to tackle the challenges inherent in the Civil Manager role. His strategic acumen promises efficient planning and execution of civil projects, complemented by operational expertise ensuring effective on-site management. In the realm of civil engineering and construction, Mr. Dwivedi’s skills and experience position him as a formidable candidate for leading teams towards the successful completion of projects, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and success in the construction domain.

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